Dear Homeschoolers: 

Once again the organization for Big Island Education Days is upon us.  Click here to go to the 2004 Registration Form.  Please complete and return to us ASAP. Our fax number is 1-507-373-0344.

The cost for a new group will be $5.00 per student, regardless of age. THIS IS A DOLLAR DISCOUNT PER PERSON.  We allow 1 (one) adult per family at no cost and the other adults pay the same $5.00 per person.  The day comprises of half hour sessions throughout the day.  There is 30 minutes, midday for you to eat your lunch.  The day begins at 10:00 am and concludes at 3:00 pm.  Everyone will receive one free admission per person to the Big Island Rendezvous and Festival that is held the next two days following education day ($8.00 value for 12 years and older).

In order to serve you better, we have selected Friday as a special day for the homeschool groups.  Friday will have fewer students overall to offer you the best possible educational experience.  We are expanding our number of pods since last Civil War Pod with the New Ulm Battery was such a hit.

This program is geared for third grade and older.  We request those children younger than this be chaperoned by the parent.  If a child disrupts the class, the parent is expected to remedy the situation. You will be contacted in September to confirm your numbers, arrival/departure times, and the names of your families.  If you have questions, please give us a call.

Thank you for your continued support of the Big Island Education Days.  We look forward to seeing you October 4, 2004.



Perry Vining
Chairman, Education Days Committee

email:  [email protected]




Big Island Education Days 2004

Who: Early America Living History Program

PLUS:             Voyageur Encampment with birch bark canoe showing what the voyageur did in his daily life


Military Camp with The Highland Regiment teaches the lifestyles of the country’s first military.


Native American areas illustrate traditional teachings of Lakota and Sioux nations.  Tipi tours and customs showcased.


                        Early America skills such as blacksmiths, woodworkers, farmers, candle maker, clothiers, and spinners and weavers teach how their skills helped make America grow.


18th Century Entertainments show that the amusement of early America was fresh and fascinating.


                        Hands-on stations teach what our American heritage did to shape this country in its early stages.


When:             September 30th and October 1st, 2004      (Thursday or Friday)


Where:            Bancroft Bay City Park, Albert Lea, Minnesota


Why:                Have your students learn their own heritage with history coming alive.  Learn social and cultural heritage of America through a high impact and hands-on experience. Recommended for 3rd through 8th grades. Costs: $5.00 per student/chaperone for new schools ($6.00 regular price). Teachers are free. Fee goes up to $7.00 per person after September 17th, 2004.


Contact:          Perry Vining: 1-800-658-2526 or evenings at 1-507-373-8630

“The best way to know where the country is going is to know where we’ve been.”


Registration Form

2004 Big Island Education Days

143 West Clark Street, Albert Lea, MN 56007



Name of Homeschool________________________________________________


Name of Contact Person __________________________________________________


E-Mail Address ________________________________________________________


Day Phone (       )__________ Evening Phone (       )_________ Fax (        )_____________


Mailing  City/State/Zip __________________________________________________


Number of Students and Parents @ $6.00 each grades of the students _________

Registering after September 12, 2004:

 Number of Students and Parents @ $7.00 each grades of the students _________


Number of _______ Buses _______ Vans _______ Private Cars


Arrival Time ___10:00 am____ Departure Time _______________



Because all classes are scheduled on the 1/2-hour, please schedule classes as follows:


First class to begin at __10:30________ Last class over at _______________

(Please remember, you will need time to get your lunches and look over your schedule once you arrive on site, and time to organize your students before your bus is scheduled to depart)


We would like to attend Big Island’s Education Day on:


            ___________ Friday, October 1, 2004




Signature _______________________________  Title _________________________

Please return this form ASAP.

                        Mail to:                      Big Island Education Days
                                                 143 West Clark Street
                                                    Albert Lea, MN 56007

                        Fax to:            1-507-373-0344


2004 Tentative Workshop Station List

18th Cent. Entertainment

Bead Making

Blackpowder Range


Campfire Cooking


Cannon Drill

Cat and Mouse

Civil War Cannon Drill

Courier du Bois

Dog Sleds in the Fur Trade

Fibre Arts

Fire Starting with Flint and Steel


Food Preparation


George Washington

Goat Milking

Hide Preparation

Historical Writing

Lakota Lifestyles

Military Camp

Music of Early America

Native American Lifestyles

Norwgian Immigrant

Pemmicin Making

Pioneer Settlement



Rope Making

Scottish Lifestyle




Tavern Owner

Tinsmithing in Voyager Camp

Tipi Tours

Tomahawk Throw

Voyageur Pod

Voyageur Storytelling