Big Island Education Days 2004

Midwest’s Finest and Largest Hands-On
Early American History Lesson

Thursday, September 1 & Friday, October 1, 2004
Bancroft Bay City Park, Albert Lea, Minnesota

New this year:  Merriweather Lewis and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

What you can experience at the Early American History Lesson:          

  • Voyageur Encampment with birch bark canoe showing what the voyageur did in his daily life.

  • Military Camp with The Highland Regiment teaches the lifestyles of the country’s first military.

  • Native American areas illustrate traditional teachings of Lakota and Sioux nations.  Tipi tours and customs showcased.

  • Early American skills such as blacksmiths, woodworkers, farmers, candle maker, silversmith, and spinners and weavers teach how their skills helped make America grow.                    

  • 18th Century Entertainments show that the amusement of early America was fresh and fascinating.

  • Hands-on stations teach what our American heritage did to shape this country in its early stages.


When:         September 30-October 1, 2004 (Thursday or Friday)


Where:        Bancroft Bay City Park, Albert Lea, Minnesota


Why:           Have your students learn their own heritage with history coming alive.  Learn social and cultural heritage of America through a high impact and hands-on experience. Recommended for 4th through 8th grades. Costs: $5.00 per student/chaperone for new schools ($6.00 regular price if pre-registered by September 12th, 2004). Teachers are free.


Contact:      1-800-658-2526 or [email protected]

“The best way to know where the country is going 
is to know where we’ve been.”



Education Day Presentations

18th Cent. Entertainment

Bead Making
Blackpowder Range


Campfire Cooking
Candle Making
Cannon Drill
Colonial Music
Courier du Bois
Dog Sleds of the Fur Trade
Fiber Arts
Fire Starting with Flint & Steel
Flint Knapping
Food Preparation
Free Trapper
George Washington
Goat Milking
Hat Making
Hawk Throw
Hide Preparation
Historical Writing
Lakota Lifestyles
Military Camp
Native American Lifestyles
Native Moccasin Game
New Ulm Battery Cannon Drill
Norwegian Immigrant
Paper Making
Pemmican Making
Pioneer Settlement
Rope Making
Scottish Lifestyle
Tavern Owner
Tinsmithing in Voyager Camp
Tipi Tours
Voyageur Camp
Voyageur Storytelling



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